Design & Consultation Process

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Initial consultation: The first visit is primarily to acquaint Ross with the site and to discuss your requirements, likes and dislikes. 

After this meeting you will receive a quotation outlining:



Survey and plans: Once we have received your written approval of the quotation and terms and conditions, a full survey of the site will be prepared. A footprint of the proposed design with concept sketches will be developed. Samples of materials and photo references will also be provided.

The second meeting is an opportunity to discuss the design in detail. Any amendments you may have can be addressed at this stage.


The master plan: Detailed scale drawings will be prepared, based upon our discussions and conceptual ideas. The drawings will have relevant specifications for building requirements, preparations, installations and considerations for sub-contractors and tenders.

Setting out drawings to subcontractors may be required for non-scaled references. This applies particularly where precise detailing for water features, lighting installations and walls are involved.

Further cross-section, axonometric, one-point perspective drawings may be issued, depending upon the degree of complexity of the project.

In addition, if required a separate planting plan with photographic references could be prepared. Illustrating the suitability of the site and soil and any relevant environmental factors. It will detail colour combinations, seasonal points of interest and include a long-term maintenance schedule.

All the gardens featured on this website have been designed and built by Ross and his team. However, design-only commissions are also undertaken and Ross can provide a supervisory role if required.

Network of craftsman: For over 23 years Ross has built up an extensive network of highly-skilled craftsmen who have collaborated with him on many of his garden design commissions. From stonemasons to sculptors, carpenters to metalworkers and structural engineers to planning consultants. Ross works with an excellent team of talented people, many of whom have worked on the gardens seen on this website.


Ross offers a consultancy service charged at an hourly rate for those who need only advice and guidance. 

Ross can advise on soil type, plant suitability and landscaping options on-site.


An extremely useful, great value service that can breathe new life into your existing garden design. A planting plan will be drawn up, plants sourced and planted.